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Latest Articles

Transforming pedagogy

Posted on 24 Apr 2014 with 0 comments
Engagement and performance Learning communities Pedagogy Teacher education

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An insightful research paper has examined the issue of transformational change that can be encouraged from a longitudinal perspective by the use of mobile Web 2.0 devices. The research methodology made use of four participatory frameworks – communities of practice (CoPs), conversational, learner-generated contexts and authentic learning - especially sustained CoPs for long term engagement and it identified six critical success factors for pedagogical change.

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University ICT practices

Posted on 17 Apr 2014 with 0 comments
ICT in education Pedagogy Teacher education

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A group of universities in Australia collaborated in research to understand the ‘student voice’ with regard to the deployment of digital technologies. Over 10,000 responses to a multiple choice online survey were processed followed by analysis of over 13,000 responses to four qualitative open ended questions. The research is seminal and two excellent reports have now been provided on an important ‘student voice’ factor in planning university digital technology deployment.

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Join us to discuss :

Mobile learning – why tablets? -- DERN's research brief looks at mobile learning and why tablets are so popular.

Practitioner perspectives: children's use of technology in the early years

ACER Research Conference 2014 - Quality and Equity: What does research tell us?
3 - 5 August, 2014, Adelaide Convention Centre.

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